Burgeon Capital Philosophy


Each client brings their own unique circumstances; no two clients are the same. At Burgeon Capital, we do not believe in having predetermined "models" or "formulas" for our clients. All portfolios are custom designed based on investment guidelines, objectives, risk tolerances, and the income or cash flow requirements. This "open architecture" approach means that we are not tied to any particular strategy, company, product or service. We compare multiple options before our recommendations are complete.



As an independent firm, we are transparent in our approach, operations, and fees. We pull the curtain away and show our clients what happens behind the scenes. We serve as an unbiased advisor, responsible for ensuring that our wealth strategies and investment choices meet our clients' objectives.


Wealth management is an evolving process that requires constant collaboration. It's impossible to know when and why our clients' lives and goals may change. Our business is about helping our clients adapt by providing sound counsel. Our process is not a single snapshot, but is designed to take advantage of constantly changing resources and opportunities.

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Burgeon Capital - Brian Fralin CFP®
President | Wealth Manager
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